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You know Alan Young, who passed on some time ago.

And I am hearing impaired, not to mention the fact I considered myself TOO OLD to regularly watch the original "DuckTales" series at the time (I was 17 when it first came out - and I didn't think much of the animation or the "humor", either...I have always enjoyed the classic Disney cartoons; they were so HILARIOUS! :) )
For a few thousand years to maybe a BILLION years? (Doubtful about that last one, of course! ;P )

Remember, we still have stories about Egyptian and Greek gods from thousands of years ago, BTW. :)
Something On Finger
Many years ago - back in high school, I developed my very first cartoon crush ever on one of the characters from an old comic strip that I will not name.

This tall, green-skinned character never seemed to have a real girlfriend anywhere, so I enjoyed his funny antics around the old swamp with his animal pals. Not only was he one of the strip's most popular characters at the time; being in love with him gave it an extra sense of magic and thrill, too. Unfortunately, that comic strip is not 100% "family-friendly" like Disney (ironically, the artist had worked for Disney as a young man back in the 1930s.)

I used to be part of a fan club for that comic strip, so I regularly received fanzines in the mail and they would be full of old illustrations featuring the swamp animals. Well...there is one double-page spread showing all the characters trekking through some African savanna - and doing some things that are not exactly G-rated. One character actually used some cuss words while most of the others were lecherously ogling a little blonde mermaid who was wearing a pair of "Pan-Am" logos for a bra (that big illustration was also a very sexist 1960s ad on the now-defunct airlines.) But the worst is yet to come...

My love interest was depicted being snatched away by a BIG, grinning vulture the size of a small airplane, causing his falling travel bag to pop open and scatter its contents that included a few playing cards, a big bottle of booze, a pin-up picture of a nude girl of his own species (complete with mammalian breasts and long, blond hair), condom. I really didn't know what to make of it - even though that image was created FIVE YEARS before I was born! Not only that; I also knew that I would never, ever experience such intimacy with that cute, platter-eyed creature in real life.

I was just a naive little girl who had barely turned 20 at the time. And - very unlike the rest of my own generation at that age, I have never kissed, let alone lose my virginity with some groping boyfriend, which I never actually had (I have always hated the sexual images in my favorite magazines, cartoons/anime, and movies, like the 1985 Teen Wolf, which showed gross scenes of a naked young couple wrestling in what looked like mayonnaise, a girl getting JELL-O poured down her blouse, and some blonde tramp taking off her bra to make out with the young werewolf protagonist - not to mention dumb kids dancing on the top of a MOVING van!) At least I have never been the victim of sexual pressure, teen pregnancy, or dating violence. :P        

Worse of all, I got into a very angry quarrel with my then-best friend from high school because she said I was "infatuated" with the character and that I should "find real love" instead. I am an asexual who never wanted a man or his love in real life, so that is kinda like persuading a childless-by-choice to try having at least one adorable little baby. Needless to say, my friendship with this girl eventually dissolved over the years. Ironically, she had a crush on Bugs Bunny during our days in school, so that was exactly why I turned to her about that kind of issue. (Mmph...she still failed to understand me anyway.:shrug: )

What's more, my former friend also said that my crush is "only a fantasy". Hello? Yes, it IS a fantasy indeed - how else would an vehemently anti-romantic young woman like myself fall for some swamp-dwelling creature that looks like a mutant baby dragon smoking cigars all day long and is even old enough to be my FATHER, too! (Not only that; he's probably also a closet pervert who sees women as sex playthings, so I guess I'm VERY lucky he's 100% fictitious - in spite of his ironically innocent-looking appearance.)

And, I'd rather fantasize about being with dashing fictional animal characters than base my happiness and survival on the "unselfish" feelings of some so-called "Prince Charming" who's "supposed" to happen by in my personal life. (That, too, is ANOTHER wide-eyed "little girl" fantasy that may not ALWAYS come true - what with the incidents of sexual coercion, accidental pregnancies, cheating, domestic abuse, breakup/divorce, etc. happening all the time.)    

Even though I have already gotten used to the very notion of sex (and I do enjoy an occasional masturbation as well as some sex comics like XXXenophile), I have still chosen to remain a virgin without a partner for the rest of my life. It is my body, of course. Even though sex is usually used by most normal couples to express their dreamiest romantic love (or just recreational fun, you decide), sex can also be used for sleazy or EVIL purposes, like child abuse, rape, and trafficking. And - to me, sex is just a disgusting act that produces even more disgusting babies (I am also a childfree, BTW.)  

In addition, women and children are objectified all too often in my favorite medium like comics and manga/anime (except for Elfquest and Omaha the Cat Dancer, of course), so I don't have a very romanticized idea about sex and would rather give it - as well as romantic relationships - a very wide berth as I go about my personal life, thank you very much. (Don't forget that I grew up with a father who got very abusive - sometimes, physically - with me as well as a young uncle who tried to molest me a few times in my early teens, too.)

Deep inside, I truly miss the whimsical swampland critters with their big, soulful eyes (I used to draw and write about the characters all the time during the 1990s), but I am not going to be a fan of this comic strip ever again - because my innocence there had been shattered...perhaps forever. (The bitter-sounding old fanfic, "We Have Met The Enemy And He Is You" had been the final nail in the coffin for my fandom, though I did hang on - in spite of such confusing trauma caused by both incidents - for a few more years. )

Done in dark and neutral color pencils to set the gloomy mood.

Character by Walt Kelly.
Sad Face
I have been seriously debating with myself about whether I put this up here - or just leave it alone forever.

But this seems to be the right time to do it  - even if it involves a made-up fictional character here. (Look at the bottom of this little rant to see who created him, BTW.)

In 1989 (I was in high school at the time), I fell head over heels in love with the new version of a classic comic strip (1950s-1970s) about adorable-looking swamp critters who seemed to talk about a mile a minute. Not suitable for young kids with very short attention span, of course.

This comic strip is not only about cutesy-poo animal adventures; it is also about political statement - in the bizarre guise of animal caricatures wearing the masks of well-known politican figures to poke fun at them in real life. And it had been one of the best-drawn and written comic strips ever created, too.

What is more, the animal characters had also been used to educate about the risks of children watching too much TV (that was BACK in 1950s, FYI!) and pollution (that was why the comic strip's most famous motto was created for this storyline: "We Have Met The Enemy And He Is Us".)

Eventually, the two young cartoonists who took over this strip found it increasingly difficult to keep up the production of a very old masterpiece in the same eye-pleasing quality every single day. (And it started to show in its very last days, too.) So the revived comic strip gasped its very last breath in 1993, I believe.

Naturally, I was VERY disappointed. I wasn't alone, of course.   

A fanfic, "We Have Met The Enemy And He Is You" mysteriously appeared on the Internet in late 1990s and it is about the aforementioned character being ran over and graphically killed in cold blood by local drunks. His grieving kids (not canon characters) were so enraged they wanted to destroy all the humans as revenge and even the official comic strip characters now acted like the whole humanity is nothing but scum (except for the oh so untouched narrator, of course.)

Oh, it's so nice to know what our beloved animal characters REALLY think of us fans. :unimpressed:

Either that, or the furry babies are acting like such little psychopaths the poor old father had actually committed suicide. Who knows?

So rather than marry some shapely French skunk who lusted after him in the comic strip, perhaps he is better off finding a mate of his own species? (Not too many of such girls to be found in a magical little comic-strip swamp to begin with.)

Or perhaps the fan who wrote this harrowing fanfic (and also inserted himself as the narrator) is as mad as a hornet about the unnoticed passing of this unique "talking animal" comic strip from the Golden Age. Or is it just a sad metaphor, period? 


Broken children, broken homes, broken relationships, broken hearts, broken trust, etc. Who needs this garbage?

There are also recent stories about animals being brutally abused and killed, too - even behind zoo gates! Someone on Facebook thought we humans should all die out for the sake of all animals on the planet. Would you truly agree with this???

We got through The Holocaust.

We got through TWO atomic bombings on Japan.  

We got through 9-11.

We got through school shootings nationwide.

We got through children getting their eyes gouged out, throats slit, or ran over by uncaring drivers.  

And now this...

We are going through racial tension, especially between poor black people and the police force.

We are going through terrorist attacks on innocent people around the world, including Turkey, Britain, and Russia.

We are going through Native Americans STILL being forced off their lands (and they were massacred in the old days - even women and children!)

We are going through drug wars in Mexico that are leaving mutilated and bloody bodies all over the public area.  

We are going through children being raped, killed, and cut into pieces - by their OWN parents.

Now we have ISIS to deal with, too. Not only that; a very unqualified president just took office here in America and he is THREATENING our rights, our freedom, and perhaps everything we tried to do right over the years! And don't forget several bloodletting wars STILL going on around the world, too.  

So should we humans be the enemy that deserves to be vanquished for once and for all???

I get the sentiment, yes, but I'd rather not go outside and get shot in the head by some PETA wacko who is doing it for "the good of animals and the whole planet". In fact, people who think that way would be no better than a victim's vengeful offspring or serial killers OR EVEN TERRORISTS if they actually act on it.

What's more, hate would be like, "Yummm! More victims!" Hate doesn't give a damn about what sides are taken as long as it gets enough prey to feed on.

Ironically, I learned a great deal about being a good person FROM THE COMICS. Like Elfquest, for instance.

Elfquest is about a small band of alien elves struggling to survive on a primordial planet where whole tribes of prehistoric humans relentlessly try to kill off all of them. But during the course of this great elfin saga, the heroic chief eventually learns that not all humans are bad, nor are all elves good (remember that wicked elf villainess named "Winnowill", BTW? She is so deadly her spirit has to be kept captive AT. ALL. TIME. And for all eternity to come, too.)

Ok, back to reality...

Right now, the peace of innocent Muslims and immigrants is being jeopardized - because they are now considered the "enemy".

Oh, and such anger, hatred, and fear can cause a great deal of LONELINESS and isolation, too. :depressed:

There, I have broken my silence about this - almost 20 years after I read this unhappy fanfic about my once-favorite comic strip characters. 

(Sorrowfully hangs my head like this little creature above.)

Done in dark and neutral color pencils (hard to get it right, though.)

Character by Walt Kelly.
gladstone gander
happy patrick's day

and he is my cartoon crush since 2015 :love:
You know Alan Young, who passed on some time ago.

And I am hearing impaired, not to mention the fact I considered myself TOO OLD to regularly watch the original "DuckTales" series at the time (I was 17 when it first came out - and I didn't think much of the animation or the "humor", either...I have always enjoyed the classic Disney cartoons; they were so HILARIOUS! :) )


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